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If the user no longer works in your amoCRM account, you can delete the user. To do this, go to the "Settings" - "Users" section, mark the user with a tick on the left, then the "Delete" button will appear.

In this case, the system will offer you to transfer data such as contacts, companies, leads and tasks of this user to another active user in your account.

You can also deactivate the user in case you need to temporarily restrict the user's access to your amoCRM account.

A deactivated user differs from a remote user in that you can restore the activity of that user at any time. If contacts and leads have not been transferred from him, they will remain on it.

Turn off the "Activity" item to deactivate or, vice versa, put it to activate.

A deleted or deactivated user does not take up space in the account limit.

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