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Deleting a contact / company

To delete a contact / company, you need to tick it in the Lists section, click "Delete" and confirm the deletion.
It’s also possible delete several contacts / companies, just select several contacts / companies and select "Delete" in the opened window and confirm the deletion.
In order to delete all contacts / companies, go to the needed list. Tick all the checkboxes next to the needed items click delete. Next, the system will send you the following message: "Do you want to apply the action to all companies in the account or only to the current page?". If you select "For the whole account", the action will apply to all contacts / companies in your account. If you select "for the current page", the action will apply only to the current page (50 contacts / companies).

Deleting is available from the contact / company itself. Open the contact or company you need to remove, click on the the three dots in the upper right corner , then select "Delete contact" or "Delete company" and confirm the deletion.

View and restore deleted contacts or companies

If you lost any contacts, you can restore them from the trash within a month from the date of deletion. To do this, you need to go to the appropriate menu item "Contacts" and select the "Deleted" section (this section is available only to the administrator). Everything in the section, you can restore by ticking the list items that need to be restored, and clicking on "restore".

To see who deleted the contact, you need to add the "Modified by" column to the contact/company list. To do this, go to the "..." menu in the top right corner and choose "List settings".

Now, drag the “Modified by" and "Modify at" fields to the table and click "Done". These fields will indicate who changed the contact and when.

ATTENTION! After a month from the date of deletion, contacts are deleted permanently from the "Deleted" folder. You can not manually delete contacts from the Deleted folder, the items can only be deleted automatically.

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