The Customers entity is for repeat purchases. Just like leads, it can move in the stages of the pipeline. The main difference between the customer and the lead section is that customers have two different pipeline modes.

Note: This feature is available on the Advanced plan

In the same way as the leads section, you can add a customer in the “Customers” section. If you have leads with customers making periodic purchases, in the Digital Pipeline, in the “Leads” section you can set up an action for creating a customer when the lead gets to the Closed-Won stage. Or, any other stage in the pipeline with the help of the “Create customer” trigger.

Customers have a card the same way as Leads. You can add contacts and companies to it, as well as other catalogs, including custom fields.

The “Purchases” tab allows you to see the purchase history. You can add a purchase by clicking “Add purchase”. Here you can set the date, the price, and a note. Besides, you can add products.

The Customers section has its own Digital Pipeline. Customers can use the standard features of the Digital Pipeline by clicking the “Setup Pipeline” at the upper right corner.

Available features:

  1. Create a lead
  2. Add a to-do
  3. Send an email
  4. Salesbot
  5. Send a webhook and more.

Here, you can choose the pipeline mode — at the top of the interface, click “Set up pipeline mode”.

Here you find two different modes for customers pipeline: Recurring purchases and Dynamic segmentation.

The Recurring purchases mode moves customers automatically through the lead; you can set up this time yourself with “Automatically change the stage if:”.

The Dynamic segmentation mode follows the same logic as leads pipeline.

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