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Creating, editing and deleting groups of users is available with Advanced tariff.

Create a group.

In amoCRM, you can create user groups and assign users to a group. Each user can be in only one group at a time.

To create a new group, go to "Settings" - "Users" and click the "Add group" button. Write the name of the group in the corresponding field and click on the green checkmark.

new users group Assign user participation to a group.

To assign a user to a member of a group, simply go to the "Settings" - "Users" section. Then click on the user name and in a new window select the group for the user.

In case the department name has changed, you can also rename the group name in the "Settings" - "Users" section, by clicking on the pencil next to the group name

Delete the group.

You can delete a group in the "Settings" - "Users" section if you click on the pencil next to the group name.

Deleting a group will not be possible if there are at least one user in it. In this case, first transfer the users from the group that you are deleting to other groups, and then retry the deletion.

Important. To rename a group of users "Sales Department", unfortunately, there is no possibility. This group is a system, so our CRM-system is designed for sales. You can create your own group (department) and name it in your own way. The sales department can remain empty.

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