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In amoCRM, you can create tasks to remind managers about the need to perform an action with a lead, company or contact.

You can create tasks in various ways. The task can be created immediately with reference to the lead, company or contact. To do this, go to the lead card and select the task in the activity field.

Next, a window will open where you can set the task parameters.

Set the date and time of the task execution for the reminder.

The task execution time can be set from the drop-down list:

  • "Tomorrow" - the next day

  • "In a week" - the task will be delivered in a week

  • "In a month" - the task will be delivered in a month

  • "In a year" - the task will be delivered in a year

You can also set a specific date by clicking on the icon with the date and selecting the desired date in the drop-down calendar.

To set the task execution time, click on the "All Day" link to the right of the date icon. You can set the time in 2 ways:

  1. Select "All day", then the task will be set for the whole day;

  2. Specify the exact time - to do this in the time field you need to enter the exact time in the 09:15 format.

In the task, you can specify the name of the responsible manager who will conduct the contact, the lead or the company. To select the Person in charge, click on the field next to the date field and select the user from the drop-down list. For the task, you can specify only one responsible user. However, if you assign the ability for other users to view this contact, lead or company in the distribution of rights, the task tied to such contact, lead or company will also be visible to this user, even if they are not responsible.

To quickly navigate and respond to a task, you can set the "Task Type". You can specify the type of the task by selecting it from the available list, or by creating a new task type.

In order not to lose important data about the task, you can add them to the description. In the field next to the task type selection field, you can enter a description of the task.

After filling all the fields, you need to click the "Set" button and the task will be saved. The task is created!

The task can be created in the “ Calendar" section if you click the "New To-Do" button.

In the menu that will appear in the center of the screen, you will need to fill in the characteristics for the task. In addition to the fields already described earlier, the task can be attached to a contact or lead if you start to enter the name of the lead or contact in the field under the options for selecting the date and time:

If you do not fill out the lead / contact field, a task will be created that is not attached to the lead or contact.

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