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To create a new list, you need to go to the pop-up menu with the lists, then at the bottom click on the + sign next to the phrase "Add list":

After clicking on the plus, the system prompts you to enter the name of the list and also save it, or cancel the creation of the new one

Edit and delete the directory.

To change the name or delete the directory, move the mouse to the "Lists" item. Click on the pencil next to the name of the directory that you want to change / delete. In the field that appears, change the name. To save a new name, you need to press Enter or a green tick.

To delete the directory, you need to click on the red delete icon, after which you will be asked for certainty, since all data will be deleted and can not be restored.


You can create no more than 10 directories. There are no restrictions on the number of positions in the directory.

Is it possible to see statistics to the created list in analytics?

Unfortunately, in analytics such information can not be seen. Alternatively, you can tag transactions by the name of the product and then select the appropriate filter in the sales analysis section.

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