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To create a free user, go to "Settings" - "Users" and click on the "Add a free user" button, or click on "Add user", select "Group" - "Free users"

After that, the user will receive a notification of one of two types:

1) If the user has never used amoCRM, then he will receive a message to the email

In the message will be information:

  • Name of the user who wrote the message;

  • Authorization data;

  • Information about amoCRM.

2) If the user is already registered in the amoCRM database (there is / was some other account amoCRM), then he will receive a letter:

In which there is:

  • Name of the user who wrote the message;

  • The login and password remain unchanged;

  • Information about amoCRM.

To give the free user access to the lead card or the buyer, it is necessary to write this user address in the chat:

Then the free user will see the notification in the notification center and be able to go to the card

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