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First, you need to go to the "Contacts" section, select "Contacts" or "Companies" or "All contacts or companies" (when you click the "All contacts or companies" button, both contacts and companies in the same file will be exported) - in the top right corner click "More" - select "Export" from the list.

If you export contacts, the system will export the company name that relates to this Contact and the name of the lead.

The next step is to select the format in which the export will be made:

  • Export to Excel (export of contacts in Microsoft Excel format);
  • Export to CSV-file (a kind of Excel format, used for importing into various programs);
  • Export as a Vcard - vCard files allow you to import contacts into different programs and CRM systems

Important! You can click on "export all contacts", and you will export all contacts. However, in our system there is a system limit on the number of contacts exported at a time - 500 items. If you have more than 500 contacts to export the entire database, you need to click on each number one at a time. You will have several files of 500 items.

As a result of the export, you will receive a file with the following columns:

  • Type (shows a contact or company);
  • Name (name of the contact or company);
  • Company (company name, if the field "name" indicates the company, then this column will be empty);
  • Creation at (the date of creation of the contact or company);
  • Created by (the user who created the contact or transaction);
  • Modified at(the date when the contact or company was changed);
  • Modified by (the user who made changes to the contact or company);
  • Tags (tags that are attached to the contact or company);
  • The last task (the date of the las task is displayed);
  • Responsible user (the user responsible for the lead or contact);
  • Leads (the names of leads that are tied to the contact or company);
  • Position, Phone, Email, Address (standard and additional fields that are indicated on the contact card or company card);
  • Mailchimp (exported if there is an integration with Mailchimp.) It shows whether the contact is subscribed to the mailing list);
  • Notes (exports the notes that the user created, so many columns will be created, how many notes you have created in the contact or company);
  • Additional fields (All fields that are created in the contact or company are exported, the title of this field will be indicated);

What will happen to my client base if the trial / paid subscription ends?

If you trial/paid period expires, you have access to the database, you can export your database at any time.

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