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Domain connection in amoCRM.

Domain connection is available only for boxes in your own domain (by going to the section "Mail" - "More" - by selecting the desired box click "Connect domain" by making the appropriate settings). It allows you to:

  • Increase the delivery of letters in the "Inbox" (depends on the reputation of the domain for mail providers and the content of letters);

  • Significantly increase the limit for outgoing emails sent via amoCRM (tick in the box settings).

Information for connection.

In the window that opens, you can see the DNS records that need to be entered in the DNS zone of the domain, and then check. The window is displayed to all users and contains public data (they are not a secret).

Important. Changes to the records are made by the domain owner or the domain administrator (system administrator), i.e. You can only connect a domain to an account.

On the part of amoCRM, you just need to check the records, the very setup of DNS records is entirely on the side of your server.

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