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To connect the chat, go to the Leads section, and select the "Digital pipeline" by clicking on the "Gear" in the upper right corner. Then select "Add source" and select "Online chat".

When you connect any of the listed chats, the general algorithm of work is constructed as follows:

  • the potential client writes to any of the chats listed

  • at the end of a chat in amoCRM, a contact is created

  • in the unsorted appears a new Lead with information about the correspondence.

Installation and operation of JivoSite

  1. Choose JivoSite in Live Chat

  2. Registration of a new jivosite account or authorization.

Important: For the correct integration in the settings of the Jivosite cabinet, it is mandatory to fill out all fields with contact information (name, email, phone).


You need to enter the address of your site, email, the password is generated automatically. The registration data is sent to the specified email.


  • You need to enter your email and password from your Jivosite account. (All fields are validated)

  • The client receives the code for the Jivosite widget to be installed on the site (before the closing "" tag on the site pages) and the instruction with further steps.

  • You need to go to the Jivosite control panel and connect / add Jivosite statements

  • Go to the web version of the operator's office or download the application (in the same place on the admin page of jivosite)

  • Set widget code to your site

  • The client comes to the page of the site with jivosite installed, starts the chat.

ONLINE REGIME (jivosite online operator):

  • on the click of the jivosite operator "Accept chat" an unsorted is created

  • at the command of the operator "End chat" we get the second hook for obtaining contact information and correspondence

If in amoCRM there is no contact with such email and phone, then a lead, a contact and a chat will be created.

If the client already exists in the system, the correspondence will be attached to his contact.

OFFLINE REGIME (the jivosite operator is offline):

  • the client fills out contact information and writes a message

  • incoming lead

The installation and operation of OLARK

  1. Select Olark in the chat list

  2. Now you need to fill out the registration form on the Olark website and get the widget code to insert on the site. Next, you pay the tariff for working with Olark according to the chosen plan

  3. To insert the generated link on the Olark website: in the Settings - Integration section - Integration of Webhooks and insert a link to handle the hook

  4. On the site, insert the code of the widget Olark

  5. Chat

After the end of the chat (the operator sends the command! End or ends his session with the Log out button), Olark sends the hook, creates a new contact and lead with correspondence and contact details.

If the operator is offline, an order will be created in the incoming leads

The process of installing and running Facebook

  • Choose Facebook from the chat list

  • The link opens a new facebook window for authorization. If you are already authorized, this step is skipped automatically.

  • Next, you must give permission to the amoCRM application to access public profile information, to access the list of pages, and to access group messages

Next, you must select the page whose messages you want to receive from amoCRM.

Incoming messages of new customers are included in the incoming leads as an application. You can accept it or reject it, you can also link the chat to an existing lead card.


  • You can only integrate pages in which you are an administrator or a member (Pages Roles).

  • Messages are only for pages, not for groups

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