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Keeping in touch with your current customers and leads is important for your business. However, the increasing number of contact channels makes it more and more difficult to stay on top of it all. What if we could help you with that? Take a look… Isn’t it amazing?

amoCRM allows you to integrate different social media profiles and messaging systems so that you, your sales team or client service representatives can easily and quickly reply resolve inquiries, no matter where they come from.

What chats can you integrate with amoCRM?

  • Facebook

  • Telegram

  • Viber

Is that all…? Nope. You can also include messaging systems to your amoCRM account. So when a client writes you on your site, you get to answer that message from your amoCRM profile. The same applies for emails and telephony solutions.

  • Olark: let’s be honest - nobody likes waiting. If your customers are known for being impatient, then Olark is a magnificent option to keep things under control. This system allows you to answer in real-time all requests coming from your website.

By the way… Would you like to add an Engagement Button to your site? It’s super easy. Once you’ve integrated some chats with amoCRM, you can automatically get a code and insert it into your website. Once it’s set up, you can answer all your incoming messages from your account.

  • Email: by adding your email accounts to amoCRM, each new message will be turned into a lead card. This is a great way to keep track of incoming request and improve response rates. Reply and manage future communications from one single platform.

  • Telephony: to survive in the modern world, multitasking is necessary. But jumping from your PC to the phone is proven to be… not efficient. What if you could place and take calls from clients or leads from amoCRM? A dream, right? Well, it’s actually possible. Just go to integrations and add your preferred option from the list.

Remember, replying to customers and leads increases your sales opportunities.

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