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The mail system in amoCRM automatically combines correspondence by several criteria, and this is:

  • the email address of the client with whom the correspondence is going is the same;

  • one subject of the letter.

In this case, in the "Mail" section such correspondence will form a chain. For each box, the chains are formed separately.


The box is connected

Letters in it:

  1. From to with the theme "Greeting from the company team"

  2. From to with the theme "Greeting from the team of the company"

  3. From to with the topic "Question about the product"

  4. From to with the topic "Question about the product"

Will be combined into chains:

  1. Letter 1 is grouped by and "Greeting from the company team"

  2. The letter 2 is grouped according to and "Greeting from the collective of the company"

  3. The letter 3,4 is grouped by and "Question on the goods"

Disable the gluing of letters in the chain, you can in the mailbox settings (in the Mail section - click on the upper right-click More - select the desired box and clear the checkbox "Group letters into chains".

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