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What kind of calls go to the incoming leads

Incoming calls from unknown numbers (the system does not have an associated contact) accepted by the user, start to be displayed in the incoming leads column.

The user can not independently transfer the request to the incoming leads.

For widgets that work with SIP: the application will disappear from the incoming leads if the user creates a contact or company with this phone number.

For Gravitel and VoxImplant - if the user creates a contact with the same phone number as in the application in incoming leads, nothing will happen.

Work with applications for telephony

The application is a brief information about the call: the phone of the caller, the time of the call, the duration of the call. You can listen to the call or download.

The user can write a note in the modal results window of the call or create a task, and they will be tied to the lead if the unsorted will be accepted.

When you drag and drop, a lead and a contact are automatically created (with the phone from which the call was made). The name of the lead will be "Call from and phone number", the name of the contact will be "Auto contact phone number".

If the application is rejected, it disappears from the unsorted, the information about the call disappears.

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