Calendly: How to connect Calendly with amoCRM

Calendly is a software which helps you easily schedule meetings. Connect it with amoCRM, and every time someone schedules a meeting with you, an automatic lead and a task will be created in your pipeline. Neat right? 🧐

How to connect Calendly

Adding Calendly to amoCRM takes just a few clicks. 👍

1) Go to your Calendly dashboard and click on the Integrations tab and then copy the API key.

Calendly dashboard API key

2) In your amoCRM account, go to Settings > Integrations and find the Calendly integration.
Click on install, paste the API key and select the manager for which tasks will be created by default. Click save and you are all done.

Install Calendly in amoCRM

Simple as that. 😎

How to use the Calendly integration?

Adding Calendly to your amoCRM account can be a great tool for automatic lead capture.
– Whenever someone schedules a meeting with you in your Calendly, a new lead with a task will be automatically created in your Incoming leads stage.

amoCRM Incoming leads stage

– If a lead with the same contact already exists, a task will be added.

Task in an amoCRM lead card

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