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Important. Leads are not created when importing the mailbox.

In the box settings, you can check the box "Automatically create leads when replying to the client", the function works with the "Group letters in chains" checkbox checked. If this function is disabled, then transactions will not be created when the client answers.

The criterion for creating a lead is:

  • Incoming email from the client (contact may not be in the system);

  • Reply to the client from the integrated box within the same letter (rules for the formation of "Grouping letters").

A lead will not be created if:

  • the first letter will be sent to the client, and then the client will answer it;

  • a conversation already has a linked deal.

If you create an automatic leads, you can create contacts, if they do not already exist. Existing contacts will be tied to the created lead


The functionality of "Automatic creation of leads" does not work on system boxes.

  • Responsible when creating the card and on the "Corporate" and on the "Personal" mailboxes, becomes one of the administrators of the account.

  • If you delete cards already added with this mail, then when you receive a letter with the same subject from this addressee and reply to it, the cards will not be created.

To disable this function, you need to go to the Mail section, to the left on the right "More" - to select the required box and uncheck "" Automatically create leads when replying to the clients".

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