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Automatic creation of tasks in leads and customers

In the "Leads" and "Customers" sections there are settings for the Digital Pipeline, in which you can setup the auto-creation of the task at certain stages under certain conditions. Autotask configuration includes:

1. Conditions for the availability of any data from the lead. You can specify that the auto-action will work, for example, if there is a certain tag in the lead and / or a certain responsible user

2. The condition of the action:

  • when an incoming call is received

  • when you receive an email

  • when an incoming message is in the chat

  • when a website in visited

  • when the responsible user is changed

  • when created in a stage (immediately, after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 day or any interval in days)

  • when moved to the stage(immediately, after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 day or iany interval in days)

  • moved or created in a stage(immediately, in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 day or the interval in days)

  • exact time

3. Deadline for the task:

  • Immediately

  • End of the day

  • In one day

  • In 3 days

  • In a week

  • During the configured days, hours, minutes

4. Responsible manager

5. Type of task

6. Task’s text

7. Applying auto-task to the current lead in the stage

Automatically create tasks in contacts and companies

There is a set of business processes in the system that will create a task when creating a contact or company. To set up a new business process, go to "All contacts and companies," click on the three points and select "Business Processes", click the "Add Process" button. Then choose the condition: a contact is added or the company is added. Define the parameters of the task to be created and click the "Save" button.

Automatic creation of tasks in applications from the form

When using amoCRM forms, you can setup the creation of an automatic task in each lead that comes from the form. To do this, when setting up the form, you need to select the stage of the lead where the application will be created from the form, and tick the "Create task" box. After that, for each lead received from the form, a task will be created.

Automatic task through the field "Birthday"

You can create a task to remember to congratulate your customers on their birthday. To do this, go to the lead, contact, company or customer, click on "Setup", add a field with the format "Birthday" and specify the time for which you want to set the task (on the day of the event, for a week or a month).
If you specify in the settings for "per month", then the task will be delivered in 30 days. Setting for the week - sets tasks for 7 days, on the day of the event - on the day of the event. If you have specified the date of birth, that has less than 30 days left (in case of setting "per month") - the task will not be set. It works the same way for setting "for a week".

Automatic closing of tasks when closing a lead and closing a customer

When closing a deal in which the task is worth, the system will ask "Do you want to complete all the unfinished tasks?" and you will have the opportunity to complete (or not to complete) its tasks. Also, the system will act when the customer is closed.

Automatically close the task after a call

Some telephony widgets offer the option to close a task as a result of a call.

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