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Free users can work with the mobile application. But free users can only be added through the browser version of amoCRM. You can not do this via the mobile application.

If a free user is already added to amoCRM, you can add a free user to the lead via the mobile application. For this you need to write to him in the chat. Then the free user will see the message in the section "Inbox" and on notification will be able to go to the card.

Behavior in mobile applications corresponds to the work of the functional in the web version. The main tool of the free user is also the notification center.

Thus, for a free user is available:

  1. Viewing the Notification Center

  2. View messages from available transaction / buyer cards and navigate through them

  3. Viewing leads / buyer information

  4. Possibility to write a message in the chat in the lead / buyer card

  5. Ability to write a message in direct chat

For a free user is not available:

  1. Creating / Viewing Tasks

  2. Dashboard View

  3. Creating notes

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