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In order to maximize sales performance, your company needs reliable data to measure effectiveness and apply changes (if needed) on time.

With amoCRM, you can keep control of all transactions with leads and clients, evaluate each manager and identify potential areas for improvement.

To make it easier for you, amoCRM offers a series of report templates:

  • Win-Loss Analysis

  • Consolidated Report

  • Report By Activities

  • Activity Log

  • Call Report

  • Goal Report

Win-Loss Analysis

This is one of the most relevant and useful reports available on our platform. It allows you to visualise how many leads you have and in which stage of the sales funnel they are located.

In the example above, we see that 4 leads are currently at the Initial Contact stage, with a total estimated sales value of $105,945. The percentage of conversion is seen on the side and it indicates what portion of leads moved to other stages. We can also detect that the average number of days to move a lead from the first stage is about 4 days.

That’s not all. The system also measures the number of incoming leads and the average time to process a request. This information could help you improve the response rate to your leads and understand which contact channels are more efficient for your business.

According to the number of active leads and your average sales cycle timing, our system can estimate prospective sales for the next 60, 120 and 180 days.

Consolidate Report

The consolidated report is a perfect alternative if you need a general picture of your sales process. It will indicate the number of leads per pipeline stage and per user, as well as the volume of purchases by each user. This report also tells how many new contact and company cards were opened lately by each user and it provides with a detailed status on to-dos.

Report By Activities

A great way to evaluate your sales force. Just define the criteria that you consider relevant and see how each user has been performing in the last week, month, quarter or year. This report, as most others, is highly customizable to your specific needs. To change criterias, just click on the first line of the table and a drop down menu will show up.

Activity Log

The activity log allows you to know exactly what each user has been doing lately. The list shows date and time, action performed, user responsible, and more. For more information on each action, just double click to access the respective lead, contact or company card.

Call Report

Following up with leads and clients is key to elevate sales performance. Keep track on each representative to evaluate their communication and results.

Goal Report

Once you set a batch of goals for your business, you can see what’s the status on each of them. Establishing indicators increases motivation within your team. Each sales representative can have a better understanding of their own performance and make adjustments to reach goals.

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