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Monitoring of activity is available at a Enterprice tariff

It is necessary in order to limit the activity of users in the account.

For example, if you know that your employees have to go on a specific number of cards per day or hour, you can set the number that users will be deactivated from the account.

In this case, the user will no longer be able to log in to the account until the administrator again activates it in the "Rights and Users" section, and all administrators of the account will be notified who was deactivated and at what limit.

You can configure two restrictions: to view the cards and to view the list items.

Who can set up: only the administrator

Who is affected: for all users

How to activate the user: Only the account administrator can activate the user (any, if there are more than one). To do this, go to the "Settings" page in the "Rights and Users" section, select the deactivated users in the list, select the "Activity" checkbox and save.

Restrictions on viewing cards includes cards of leads, buyers, contacts and companies, namely the amount of all cards viewed. Only the first call to the card is considered, if you switched to the second one, and then went back to the first one, then in total you get 2 entries, not three.

How restrictions on lists work (includes IPA + mobile applications):

  1. Restriction on viewing of lists of leads (all pipelines, including all leads), buyers, contacts, companies and in the aggregate of contacts and companies. Counting goes by the elements in the list. On the page in the interface, 50 items are displayed in the list. The restriction does not go to one particular list, but sums up the total number of elements for all entities. If you were in the list of buyers (50 items), and then moved to the list of transactions (50 more items), then you have already viewed 100 items. If you apply a filter, search, or preset, then elements from the selection (also no more than 50) are added to these current 100 elements. What is considered:
    1. Entering lists of different entities
    2. Going through pages within one entity
    3. Filter selection
    4. Sampling by preset
    5. Search Sampling
    6. Tagging by tags
    7. Note: export is not taken into account in monitoring, if in the setting of user rights there is permission to Export. Those. If you give the user access to export, we expect that you do not restrict it in data export.
  2. The restriction on lists also implies a restriction on access to the IPA and through mobile applications.
    IPA: All calls through / list are counted and summed.

Mobile applications: No delimitation of list cards, in a mobile application everything is considered as a list item.

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