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The Stripe integration adds new features in your account:
  • Invoicing tool in lead cards.
  • Automatic invoicing in the Digital Pipeline.
  • Create and send out invoices through Salesbot.
  • Track invoice status in the lead card.
  • Your Stripe products list is synced in amoCRM.

❤️ Why do amoCRM users love Stripe?

Businesses of every size use Stripe to accept payments and handle their online transactions. It’s a simple and fast way to handle all of your invoicing.

❤️ Why do Stripe users love amoCRM?

amoCRM gives Stripe users a wide range of tools to automate sales, manage leads and create long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Stripe and amoCRM – better together 🤜🤛

Combine amoCRM with Stripe and get lightning fast, efficient invoicing ⚡ Set up automatic invoices in a specific stage of the sales process, or create them manually in just a few clicks. amoCRM can even send out the invoices automatically, so lay back and watch the bucks roll in $.

💡 Cool ways to use Stripe and amoCRM

The goal of integrating Stripe and amoCRM is to automate payments and seamlessly add invoicing to the rest of your CRM tools.

You can create a sales stage called ‘Invoice’ in which a payment link will be automatically created whenever a lead is moved there.
The system will grab the details from the lead card, create an invoice, and can even send it out to the customer through auto emails or Salesbot.

Add Stripe to Salesbot and your customers will be able to generate invoices and pay them in messenger in just a few clicks.

The invoice status will be visible in the lead card field. With the integration all of the customer communication, details and payments are kept in one place.

How to connect Stripe🔌

The Stripe integration is built-in and designed by the amoCRM team. Installing it is simple and takes only a few steps.
Click on Install in Settings > Integrations and authorize the connection.

⚒️ What do you need?

  • Advanced plan
  • Stripe account