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The Gmail integration adds new features in your account:
  • 2-way synchronization of Gmail and amoCRM
  • Send out emails in lead cards
  • Automate emails in the Digital Pipeline (Advanced plan)

❤️ Why do amoCRM users love Gmail?

Gmail, Google’s free email service, provides you with a fast and efficient email inbox packed with useful features.

❤️ Why do Gmail users love amoCRM?

With amoCRM you can boost your sales using pioneering messenger based features. Automate your sales and marketing processes and create loyal customers.

Gmail & amoCRM — better together 🤜🤛

By synchronizing Gmail with the amoCRM inbox you will be able to receive your emails directly in the account.

The system is smart, so if one of your customers sends you an email it will show up in the card feed.

You’ll be able to send out automatic emails through amoCRM’s Digital pipeline in specific stages of the sales process based on various triggers.

💡Cool ways to use Gmail and amoCRM

You can send and receive emails through the lead card, automate emailing in the Digital Pipeline and utilize customizable templates, all for your convenience. An inbox can be connected in two ways: personal mode or shared mode. A personal account is for private correspondence viewed only by the owner, and a shared email account (like is viewable and accessible to any user of the account.

How to connect Gmail 🔌

To synchronize Gmail in amoCRM, simply add it in the Mail > Settings section.
You will need to authorize the connection and that’s it. The emails will be imported in the amoCRM Inbox and you can start using Gmail in your account.

⚒️ To use this integration, you will need:

  • amoCRM base plan or higher
  • Gmail account