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Online form builder & data collection tool

Visit Formstack website


The Formstack integration adds new features in your account:
  • Adds Formstack as a lead source
  • Responses create a new lead card
  • Lead card fields are automatically populated
Capture Formstack leads in amoCRM

❤️ Why do amoCRM users love Formstack?

Formstack lets you create advanced forms for lead generation and data gathering. It is an effective tool that helps companies generate more leads.

❤️ Why do Formstack users love amoCRM?

amoCRM lets Formstack users utilize all of the new leads and help them design an effective sales and marketing process with the power of messengers.

Formstack and amoCRM – better together 🤜🤛

amCRM and Formstack are a perfect match, just like macaroni and cheese. 🧀 Formstack is a great tool to generate leads and amoCRM helps you turn those leads into loyal customers.

💡 Cool ways to use Formstack and amoCRM

Formstack can be added as a lead source in your pipeline. All submissions are imported as new leads and card fields are populated with the form answers. Just make sure to correctly map out the questions.

Leads management and creating loyal customers is what amoCRM is about, Formstack helps you with it by bringing in the leads. They activate the gears of your engine and get your pipeline rolling.

How to connect Formstack🔌

The Formstack integration is built-in and designed by the amoCRM team. To install it go to Settings > Integrations, click on Install and authorize the connection. Then select the form you want to connect, (it has to be published and connected to a website) map out the questions which will be imported into the new lead after submission.

To learn more check out the Formstack install window in Settings > Integrations

⚒️ What do you need?

  • Available on all plans
  • Formstack account