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Attract & hire great employees with less effort

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What is Breezy HR? 🔍

End-to-end recruiting software to help small businesses attract & hire great employees with less effort. Breezy is the fun-to-use applicant tracking system that turns your messy hiring hacks into a pain-free process candidates love.

Breezy HR use cases 💡

  • Instantly add a lead card as a new candidate is created in Breezy HR
  • Get a new candidate created in Breezy HR as a new lead comes to amoCRM
  • Move the candidates simultaneously through the stages in Breezy HR and amoCRM

How to connect it 🔌

Integrate this software to amoCRM with Zapier, a platform that connects over 2000 applications. Create your own customizable zaps with your favorite apps like this one, which is already available in Zapier!