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Simple chat interface Make your website visitor into a client
SnapEngage is a simple chat interface for your website, letting you display customer data from amoCRM. This widget gives you the opportunity to control customer support by setting priorities and managers’ roles, as well as providing reports about managers’ productivity. In addition, you can setup the SnapEngage interface to compliment your website design.
How it works
A complete history of conversations with your client will be displayed in the amoCRM Client Card. Under the SnapEngage tab card you’ll find all the client data connected to the CRM system. SnapEngage is compatible with all types of mobile devices. This allows customers to contact you, even on the go!
How to integrate
To install the widget, you need to register or sign in to your SnapEngage account on their official website. Next, in your profile, follow the sections “Settings” → “Integration” and choose “Open API” from the list of extensions. In the field “Post event URL” enter the amoCRM widget address and click the “Save” button. Next, choose the “Plugins” section and click “Get Contact Open API”. In the field “System Name” enter amoCRM, in the field “URL” enter the plugin address, and click the “Save” button. Links are generated automatically for each account, you can find them while connecting the widget in amoCRM through the sections “Settings” → “Add-ons &Extensions.”
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