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For efficient sales Stay in touch with clients via Olark
Olark is an online chat plug-in for your website. You can set it to it appear only on some website pages. It has its own innovative design. Olark gives customers an opportunity to rate the work of managers, after the conversation, and collect some performance statistics.
How it works
The main goal of integration is to keep a complete history of conversations with a client in amoCRM. The chat identifies your client by their e-mail address and saves the conversation in the respective Client Card within amoCRM. If a new customer contacts you, a new Contact card will be created automatically.
How to integrate
To install the widget, you need to register or sign in to your Olark account on their official website. Next, in your profile, open the section “Settings” → “Integration” and choose “Webhooks” from the list of extensions. In the field “Webhook URL” enter the amoCRM widget address and click the “Save” button. This address will be generated automatically for each account, you can find it while connecting the widget in amoCRM, in the sections “Settings” → “Add-ons &Extensions”.
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