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Finds your customers Using our Facebook widget
It’s no secret that we often contact customers via social networks. That’s the reason many companies use this tool to promote their business. Facebook is the most popular service, used all over the world, to help you find your customers and partners. Use it to keep up with the most interesting business events!
How it works
A Facebook search is possible through utilizing the customer's e-mail address and name, registered with amoCRM. If the customer is in your Friends list, you’ll quickly find them. Otherwise, you’ll be offered to search for them via e-mail. After attaching a user to the contact, the widget window will contain a summary of information about the account, enabling you to add clients to your Friends list or to send them a private message. In addition, if you are an administrator of any group, you can send messages to your clients on behalf of the group.
How to integrate
To install the widget, you need to register or sign in to Facebook and allow the application to use your personal data. Next, connect the widget in amoCRM through the sections “Settings” → “Add-ons &Extensions”.
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