Getting prepared to take up the ball

So you have made up your mind what your integration with amoCRM is going to be and look like. Perfect! There are some technical steps to follow before diving into the creation process, so let’s get started.

In order to create a public integration, you should have a technical account on the amoCRM platform. If you already have signed up for an amoCRM account, make a request for a technical one, otherwise, you need to register first. The request can be made through your amoCRM account or from the messengers (in this case you’ll need to provide our technical support with your account ID). Simply write to our tech support asking to switch your account.
Getting a technical account takes 1-2 days on average.
Our support team will ask whether you are building a public or private integration. We are not going to consider private integrations in this article as they are not being listed in the MarketPlace, so we’ll go with a scenario where your answer is “a public integration”. Next, you’ll be requested contact information. After getting these details your account will be switched. Easy, right? Now you can start creating!

Why you need a technical account and how to distinguish it 

Once you switch to a technical account, the indication “technical” appears at the top left corner right after the word “settings”. You’ll notice the difference also from the settings themselves – now you have the option “create integration” in the “Proprietary integrations” section. And here you are! – just start perpetuating talent to introduce your integration to the world.

Bringing into being your integration profile: step-by-step guidance

  • What’s important?


We in amoCRM have brought the mechanism of oAuth authorization to replace the old method of API-keys of users. By doing so, we intend for our clients to have a more user-friendly, safer and easy-going experience. This means you get authorization and permissions from users of amoCRM to access their account data, based on the permissions that you ask for, not the keys they insert.

Having oAuth authorization is a must for integrations with amoCRM.

  • What makes sense?


Once you proceed to create your listing, there are some things we would recommend to pay attention to closely.

First of all, it is the language of your integration.

In settings, we provide you with the option to choose the language(s) your application supports. This directly affects which MarketPlace(s) your integration will get listed in. For example, to publish a widget in English, support must be provided in English by the developer.
In other words, your listing should be in the language of the audience you created the integration for, and respectively provide support in that same language. amoCRM offers you to choose among 4 languages (EN, ES, PT, RU). The listing can be either in one or more languages. Most importantly, you should provide everything in each language, meaning the textual support – description, instruction; the localized logo(s) – in case there are words on it; and for the links included in the description part if there are any, those should direct to pages again in the respective language(s).

  • What makes the difference?


Coming to the logo, this is how our users are going to get to know the integration, that’s why we believe it carries exceptional importance. Let’s see what kind of requirements your logo should meet.

After you fill in the first page, another page will open up where you have the opportunity to upload the logo. You’ll see here dimensions you are constrained to when uploading the image, but along with the technical side, there are also style approaches to consider.

You are right, we can not put the creative visualization in precise frames, still, to present a pleasing to the eye and mind experience to our users some rules are imposed.

First of all, the logo should not include any flickering or animation. It should have a plain background․ Our main vision here is that a logo should instill confidence. Therefore, having an integration logo that will recall your brand with a solid presentation is the key.

Too overloaded logos, on the contrary, make the perception less trustworthy and hard to associate with a specific brand.


We are sure you don’t wish to overlook your textual representativeness as well. There are symbol restrictions only for the short description part. Feel free to add detailed instructions and make them descriptive by attaching images.

Don’t forget about maintenance 

Along with the above mentioned, it is here that the integration builder needs to share two mandatory links:

  • One of them to  privacy policy,
  • The other to the integration support site (note that this page also should be in the language that is the integration itself)

Getting listed in our MarketPlace means publishing on your website

We have almost everything covered, but wait! There are some final touches necessary that will also bring our collaboration to another level.

Once you have prepared everything on your amoCRM account, an article on your website’s Knowledge Base section should be placed to tell about your newly built integration. We expect this article to have a thorough description of how the integration can be installed and used with screenshots and preferably with video instruction.


At amoCRM we care about our customers and surely you do too. Thus, we believe an Integration should be useful, help our customers to increase their productivity and should not violate their rights.

We reserve the right to disapprove or suspend any integration in case of noticing issues without further explanation to the other party.

Moderation process: almost there

Have you prepared everything properly, filled in, and uploaded, then it’s high time to move to the next step. Submit the info for the preview and our integrations and technical support departments will start their piece of the work. This assumes that first, they will check if the way you created and designed your integration actually meets the requirements we have. You definitely did everything as needed, didn’t you? Then you literally pass the theory part of the exam and now it’s time to demonstrate the practical capabilities of your integration. At this stage, our technical department will request a test account to preview if everything written matches the functions of the integrations. And after they try and see that everything is working, your integration will become a member of our MarketPlace family.

Brand Assets 

And a couple of notes before you’ll go and start building your integration.

While using our brand name, please pay attention to writing it correctly: it’s amoCRM. We know you want to write our name starting with a capital letter, and yet, DO NOT refer to us as AmoCRM, AMOCRM, AMOcrm, AMO, amo, etc.

amoCRM is a simple and easy-to-understand system for managing your leads and clients that helps to control and boost your sales. Well, what is our uniqueness in the market where there are many  CRM systems? – It’s our approach that we call Messenger Based Sales (MBS). MBS as a solution is a breath of fresh air in the current market making it possible for our users to combine in one place the traditional working platforms with messengers that have become a popular tool of business interactions as well.

amoCRM connects with the most popular messenger apps: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, and more. No matter your target – more sales, better marketing or quality support – you can be present on the channels your customers love.