A widget is an archive containing a set of files that will be connected to amoCRM to all accounts that have enabled the widget. The widget allows you to get additional functionality if necessary:

  • Display additional data in the amoCRM interfaces. For widgets, special areas are provided where you can display information. For example, display the statistics of contact an internal system;

  • Interact with the user, with the data entered by them. You can connect JS-scripts practically in any interface of the system. For example, you can show a pop-up window when you receive a call;

  • For the administrator of your account to enter the individual settings for your service. For example, the API key during the authorization.

You can configure widgets for the administrator’s account in Settings -> Integrations

Methods for working with the account’s widgets

These methods are only available to the account administrator

API Method Description
GET widgets/list Method for getting a list of widgets
GET widgets/set The method allows you to enable or disable widgets
one by one or batch