List of API error and API responses

When an incorrect request to the system is executed, our API can return an error code, in the case of the correct query, the API will return a response. You, of course, have already processed the server's response while debugging your widgets or writing scripts interacting with our system. For your convenience, we decided to systematize all possible answers and errors, given by our system and place them on a separate page. We hope this will facilitate and accelerate the integration of your projects with amoCRM.

Responses during authorization

Read more about authorization here

Error code HTTP code Description
110 401 Unauthorized General authorization error. Incorrect login or password.
111 401 Unauthorized Occurs after several unsuccessful authorization attempts. In this case, you need to log in to your account through the browser by entering the captcha code.
112 401 Unauthorized Occurs when the user is turned off in the "Users and Rights" account settings or is not in the account.
113 403 Forbidden Access to this account is prohibited from your IP address. Occurs when the filtering of access to the API by the "whitelist of IP addresses" is enabled in the account security settings.
101 401 Unauthorized Occurs in the case of a request to a non-existent account (subdomain).
401 401 Unauthorized Not Authorized. There is no account information on the server. You need to make a request to another server on the transmitted IP.
Responses while working with your account

For more information about working with your account, click here

Code Description
101No account found
102POST parameters must be sent in JSON format
103Parameters not passed
104The requested API method was not found
Responses when working with contacts

For more information about working with contacts, click here.

Code Description
201Adding Contacts: An Empty Array
202Adding contacts: no rights
203Adding contacts: system error when working with additional fields
204Adding contacts: additional field not found
205Adding contacts: no contact created
206Add / Update contacts: empty query
207Adding / Updating contacts: invalid method requested
208Updating contacts: an empty array
209Updating contacts: "id" and "updated_at" parameters are required
210Updating contacts: system error when working with additional fields
211Updating contacts: additional field not found
212Updating contacts: contact not updated
219Contact list: Search error, retry request later
Response when dealing with lead

More information about dealing with lead read here

Code Description
213Adding Leads: An Empty Array
214Adding / Updating deals: empty request
215Adding / Updating leads: invalid method requested
216Updating leads: empty array
217Updating leads: the parameters "id", "updated_at", "status_id", "name" 'are required
240Adding / Updating leads: invalid parameter "id" of an additional field
Responses when working with events

Read more about working with events here

Code Description
218Adding events: empty array
221Event list: type required
226Adding events: an event element of this entity could not be found
244Adding events: insufficient rights to add an event
222Adding / Updating Events: Empty request
223Add / Update events: invalid method requested (GET instead of POST)
224Event update: empty array
225Event updates: no events found
Responses when working with tasks

Read more about working with tasks here

Code Description
227Adding Tasks: An Empty Array
228Add / Update tasks: empty query
229Adding / Updating Tasks: Invalid Method Requested
230Updating tasks: an empty array
231Update tasks: No tasks found
232Adding events: The item ID or item type is empty or not valid
233Addding events: some contacts have not been found for this item ID
234Adding events: some transactions have not been found for this item ID
235Adding Tasks: no element type specified
236Adding Tasks: No contacts found for this Item ID
237Adding Tasks: Some transactions were not found for this Item ID
238Adding contacts: Missing value for additional field
244Adding transactions: no rights.
Responses when working with directories

Read more about working with directories here.

Code Description
405Request Transfer Method Invalid
222Adding / Updating / Deleting directories: an empty query
244Adding / Updating / Deleting directories: No permissions.
281Directory not deleted: internal error
282The directory was not found in the account.
283Invalid request, data not sent.
284Invalid request, no array sent.
285Required field not passed.
Responses when working with directory elements

For more information about working with directory elements, see here

Code Description
405Request Transfer Method is Invalid
203Adding / Updating Directory Items: System Error with Custom Fields
204Adding / Updating Directory Items: An additional field was not found
222Adding / Updating / Deleting directory items: an empty request
244Adding / Updating / Deleting directory items: insufficient rights
280Adding directory items: element created.
282Item not found in account.
283Invalid request, data not sent.
284Invalid request, no array passed.
285Required field not submitted.
Responses when working with customers

For more information about working with customers, see here

Code Description
288Insufficient rights. Access is denied.
402It is necessary to pay for the functional.
425Functionality is not available.
426Functionality is disabled.
Other Responses

Errors and responses that do not relate to any particular section

Code Description Note
400Wrong structure of the array of transmitted data, or invalid identifiers of custom fields
402Subscription has endedWith this reply, you receive a HTTP code #402 "Payment Required"
403The account is blocked, for repeatedly exceeding the number of requests per second. Together with this response, HTTP code #403
429The number of requests per second exceededWith the response, the HTTP code #429 is sent
2002There are no results for your searchAt the same time HTTP code #204 "No Content" is given with this response.