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WhatsApp forms

Add whatsApp to
your webforms

Start engaging web visitors the moment they hit “submit” on your webforms. With the new WhatsApp button, you'll instantly capture lead info in the form of an incoming WhatsApp message — giving you the ability to chat with them in the lead card. It’s a whole new way of generating sales conversations that convert.

Facebook comments

Catch leads from
Facebook comments
Turn FB comments into customers

Generate leads from your Facebook posts! Whenever someone leaves you a comment, you’ll get a new lead that you can chat with in Facebook Messenger. Not only does it keep you on top of your social media, it’s also a killer source of inbound prospects. Plus, if you run Facebook ads, you can make your campaign’s dollars stretch farther by interacting with the people who dropped comments (but didn’t click) on your ads.

Document generator

Less paperwork
works for us

Stop wasting time filling in paperwork by hand. Salebot’s new document generator grabs data directly from the lead card to instantly create and send proposals, agreements, contracts and more. Bye-bye, copy-pasting!

Salesbot update

Accomplish more
with salesbot

Salesbot isn’t just for chatting anymore — it’s a powerful tool for automating your whole sales process. We've added the ability to ping specific users and fill in even more fields, including UTM tracking and customer loyalty data.

CRM Plugin

Engage your
website visitors

Our engagement button has evolved with new superpowers. In addition to being a chat button on your website, it can automatically react to your web visitors’ behavior. Are they stuck on the pricing page for awhile? Send a message with a discount code. Did they visit the page of a specific service you offer? Show a webform for booking that service. It’s a totally personalized way to generate more leads from your site.

Voice messages

Receive & transcribeAuto-transcribe
voice messages

Voice messages can be a breeze to send, but a pain to receive. Now you can give your potential customers that convenience without slowing down your team. amoCRM supports receiving voice messages through any messenger — the best part? In one tap, the system transcribes the message for you, saving you time.

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