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zoom for amocrm integration

Over the last few months, video meetings have become the hottest trend and the most vital part of remote work. The way we connect and collaborate is changing forever, and our goal at amoCRM is helping businesses continue their important work.

⚡ That's why we couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’ve added the most useful integration of the year — Zoom for amoCRM

With amoCRM and Zoom, you can streamline your sales process and provide a top-tier communication experience with the world’s #1 video meeting solution. Most importantly, by offering the human connection of video conferencing, you can build stronger relationships that keep your business growing.

Fact: Zoom has experienced a massive increase in users, reaching almost 300 million daily meeting participants last month.

Make a Zoom call right in the lead’s profile

In these anxious times, it has become more important than ever to enhance the quality of communication with your leads and customers. In addition to building rapport over chat, embracing video is an excellent way to do that.

zoom in amocrm's lead card

In amoCRM, you can now make a Zoom call right in the lead’s card. Using the widget is easy: just go on your lead’s profile and click the “New meeting” button.

Yes, you got that right, creating crystal clear face-to-face webinars, audio and video conferencing with any lead can be done in one click.

With the power of Zoom we can schedule a meeting automatically. It’s super exciting to schedule appointments on the fly and auto generate a private link for a group!
Shelby Ikeda CEO of Rose Revenue

Shelby Ikeda amocrm partner

Record, save & download your Zoom meeting

amoCRM not only lets you launch video meetings instantly but even allows you to access any past Zoom videos.

save zoom in amocrm's lead card

Zoom meetings are automatically recorded and stored in the lead card, and you can even download them. Your past video calls are visible in the lead’s feed, allowing you to see the whole communication with the lead in context. On top of that, no matter if you’re using your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can quickly view your meetings on any device, wherever you are.

Communicate with leads & customers via Zoom right in amoCRM.Try it free for 14 days

Set up your Zoom calls & send invitations via Salesbot

Ready to automate? While you’re focusing on other stuff, Salesbot can automatically set up and send the Zoom invitation link to your lead.

salesbot in amocrm

Wanna schedule a meeting with your lead after they fill out a form, sign up for a Demo or move to another stage in the Pipeline? Salesbot can do it all.

Ready to connect Zoom?

Zoom integrates easily with amoCRM, works with any device and delivers exceptional customer experience. Test drive Zoom for amoCRM today.

🚀 Make a personal sale with amoCRM

✅ amoCRM is a pioneering Messenger Based Sales CRM software that helps businesses achieve more sales and create long-lasting relationships with their customers. It is a tool that enables companies to reach better results and increase their profits.

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Irina Kvashali is content marketer at amoCRM
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