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What.👏 A.👏 Fall.👏  It was a big season at amoCRM. Today, we’re beyond excited to announce that amoCRM is launching an Expert Partnership Program! 🥂

amoCRM’s Partnership Program: an overview

Our Expert Partnership Program is created for those entrepreneurs, consultants, marketers and system integrators who are in it for more than just mere profits — You can become one of amoCRM’s brand ambassadors.

amoCRM Expert Partner Program Announcement

As an amoCRM partner, you’ll receive requests from our customers to build custom integrations, provide consulting and team training. You’ll charge the customer for these services and keep 100% of what you earn to yourself. We'll provide you with all the necessary tools, so you can help our customers get the most out of our system.

partners provide expertise

Partnership perks

Although it’s just the beginning, and we’ll be adding more and more benefits to our amoCRM Expert Partner Program. It's a win-win: when you work with us, we'll also focus on you and your business growth.

Let’s walk through the benefits:

✔ Incoming client requests provided by amoCRM

We know drumming up new business isn't easy. That's why we'll be matching you with leads and customers who need a little something extra — something beyond what our team can provide: coaching, custom implementation,... all the "added value" that makes your skill set a valuable contribution to amoCRM.

✔ Free Enterprise amoCRM account

Another benefit is that you’ll get an Enterprise-grade amoCRM account with all features unlocked for two whole months after signing the contract. Then every time you make a sale, your account subscription will be prolonged for an extra six months! That means you'll be able to skill-up in amoCRM with little to no overhead cost.

✔ 35%-50% sales commission

You’ll get 35% for every subscription purchase that your customer makes. Your commission doesn’t expire, so if the customer keeps paying, you'll always get your share. After reaching $10,000 in sales as a partner, the commission rate increases to 50%.

Learn, earn & grow with amoCRM partners

✔ Sales Support and Training

We’ll provide you with all the necessary information, such as sales and marketing materials, technical documents, demos and webinars. You’ll also be in touch with the amoCRM team. In other words, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

✔ Dedicated Partnership Manager

You’ll be assigned with your Partnership Manager from amoCRM, and they will assist you whenever you need it.

✔ Get recognized by amoCRM’s audience

Another benefit is bringing the spotlight to your milestones. Your achievements will be shared on our blog or social media platforms (depends on the agreement). Also, we’ll create a landing page dedicated to your company on our website.

✔ The right to use the amoCRM logo

By being an official amoCRM partner, you’ll be able to use our logo as a true representative of our company and won’t have any difficulties with proving your authority to customers.

✔ Get an Expo Zone spot at amoCONF

Every year we hold amoCONF, where our partners are feel free to participate. It’s a fabulous business conference dedicated to entrepreneurs and business people.

😋 Free premium account
🤑 35%-50% payout for each sale
😉 Get a supply of amoCRM prospects daily

Apply here

How much 💰 can I make?

Our aim is for marketers, system integrators and salespeople to get the most out of this partnership. Partners play a crucial role in introducing new customers to amoCRM, a messenger-based sales solution that helps them scale their business. So we're winning too. And when you help us, we take good care of you.

There is no limit to the number of sales that can be made. The more customers you bring to us, the more you’ll earn. The more services a customer requires, the more ROI you’ll get from working with them 🤑. We only take our cut when the client purchases an amoCRM subscription.

A partnership program which rewards you

Meet the trailblazers of amoCRM Expert Partnership Program

Without further delay... (drum roll, please 🥁) ... We’re thrilled to introduce you to our first 15 amoCRM partners:

We’re grateful to these amazing experts for becoming part of our program, which will shape its trajectory in the upcoming years. We’re also super excited to see how our current and future partners grow and help our amoCRM customers succeed.

Wanna join?

If you’re a mover and shaker and would like to join the program, follow these easy steps:

We look forward to partnering with you! 🤝

🚀 Make a personal sale with amoCRM

✅ amoCRM is a pioneering Messenger Based Sales CRM software that helps businesses achieve more sales and create long-lasting relationships with their customers. It is a tool that enables companies to reach better results and increase their profits.

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