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CRM Hacks

CRM Feature Comparison

June 7, 2017

Every CRM is different—they specialize in different areas and focus on different features. And with virtually hundreds to choose from, you could definitely find a CRM system that fits you perfectly. Unfortunately, it can be difficult and time consuming to cut through the marketing and find out exactly what features are and aren’t included.


Finding What You Need

I’ve given you a headstart with a comparison of starter subscriptions from 4 popular CRM solutions. All solutions except Base have introductory packages under $15. In fact, amoCRM and Pipedrive actually have second tier subscriptions at the same price at Base’s starter package. However, I still decided to include Base because even though it is more expensive, it is still a very popular choice.



If you have any questions about the features listed below, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Jacqueline Phillips
Marketing Specialist, amoCRM I'm on a mission to help small teams win more sales!

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