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CRM Hacks

amoCRM map: navigate through your sales process.

March 23, 2018

Sometimes being lost has nothing to do with where you are physically. Sometimes you can get lost in your thoughts, and get tripped up with tasks and priorities. What about your customer relationship management? It can be difficult to follow every potential prospect and customer. You can neglect some, forget about others and eventually lose them.

I’ve also been lost. But, no matter where I was, if I had a map with me, I could always find the way out. That is why you need a map to guide you. Here are 5 reasons why amoCRM is just as essential for you as a map for when you get lost.


amoCRM allows you to visualise your journey. Your journey starts with a new lead and ends with a closed deal and a regular customer. Imagine a map route, you know exactly where you are going and all the points of interest are there for you to see – you know where the gas stations are and where you need to stop. You can plan ahead and follow the plan. amoCRM is just like that, where every interaction with the customer is visualised and every step of achieving a deal is there for you to see. Your leads are just like the gas stations on the map.

Return to consult

Whenever you find yourself lost or confused, you can open a map and consult with it. You can see which turn you may have missed and find your way back on track. amoCRM is just like that. Should you forget something about your customer, you can always reopen their information, old conversations or texts, and use this information to proceed with your journey.

No more mazes

If you know how to use a map, you will never get lost, and your journey from point A to point B will be short and straightforward. You will see a clear path and won’t take wrong turns. The same goes for amoCRM. With visual guidance and the ability to return to it whenever you need, it will make sure you never take a wrong turn and allow you to finish your goals in the shortest time possible. You will not lose leads, because you have a clear plan before your eyes.

Mark the treasure and let others find it

Imagine a treasure map. Someone plotted a way to a hidden treasure. You see the landmarks, you find them, and then you get the treasure. A map can be easily opened, read and understood by you or anyone else.

amoCRM follows the same principle and allows any user, such as a sales manager, to read about any lead and continue your work without needing your help.

Same info, different map

Two maps of the same place are always the same. It doesn’t matter if you have one map at home and another map in your glove compartment, you can plan a journey using one map and then use the other map during your trip. In the same sense, amoCRM’s cloud service allows you to use the system from any device, anywhere you go.

Customer relationship management can be difficult to navigate, but it shouldn’t be. Try amoCRM for 2 weeks free to see for yourself how the sales process can be that more effortless.

Sergei Davidov
Content Marketing Specialist, amoCRM Explorer of the written world!

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