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amoCRM is introducing our new dashboard, with real-time monitoring. Now, you can view all major sales performance indicators right in front of you, constantly updating you on all the statistics you need – Lead distribution within
pipeline, how many new leads, closed, won, contacts, new notes, sent emails, etc. You can switch your view period from day, week or month and all the data will reflect that same period, so it’s quite dynamic.

Now, just like the operator in the Matrix movie, you can see everything that is going on simply by viewing your screen! No need to ask anybody to learn about the status of your account. Just take a look and get all the information
you need – Here are the latest notes, contacts, leads and status changes – all in one place.

Just like before, you have your pipeline, latest contacts and dynamic search bar, so you can find all you need. There is also an “add” button so you can add new leads, contacts and tasks from within your dashboard.

In the near future, we will add more settings features so you can setup your dashboard to fit your needs better. Such as, move or change widgets or even add your own!

Our updated dashboard has become the main workspace for amoCRM users, as well as managers.

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Michael Tokovinin
Co-founder, managing partner

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