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Verified Quality Seal has been awarded to amoCRM by FinancesOnline

July 09, 2015

FinancesOnline – the fastest growing software review platform (visited by 240K people looking for B2B & SaaS solutions every month) – has conducted an in-depth review of amoCRM. The results are something to be proud of: amoCRM scored high 8.2 on FinancesOnline scale and was awarded a Verified Quality Seal as a guarantee of our product’s quality. FinancesOnline experts especially pointed out that amoCRM met their quality standards and had great potential.

The review outlines the biggest benefits of amoCRM, the most outstanding of which is a smart compromise of simplicity and usability.

“We’ve examined many similar products in the past, but amoCRM really has lots of potential and stands out from your competitors. What I like about it most is that it’s very intuitive and provides excellent user experience”.

The report goes on to mention services that can be integrated into amoCRM - Integration with a wide range of useful services such as file storages, hosted PBX, that allow users to make and receive phone calls straight from CRM interface, and email services that allow for widespread distribution of information among the customers. Applications for Android and iOS contribute to amoCRM mobility and provide for an opportunity to work anywhere with internet connection.

The report concludes:

“To sum it up, amoCRM saves time and earns money for its users by being simple, mobile and easy to integrate”.

In addition to being simple and user-friendly amoCRM also provides a solution for data analysis:

“For these purposes, amoCRM offers convenient and flexible display of analyzed data, such as sales pipeline graph (including calculations of sales conversion), future sales forecast, employees’ KPI (key performance indicator), etc. All these features facilitate the working process of sales department staff and senior managers.”

The experts also point out the flexibility of amoCRM through its powerful API that can be modified for any task and it also represents a good choice for both small private companies and large corporations.

During the course of this review, FinancesOnline also conducted a research of Customer Satisfaction based on positive and negative social mentions of the product. amoCRM was granted 100% User Satisfaction meaning that real people and companies are actually satisfied with amoCRM.

The report also gives a brief review of amoCRM features, shows the pricing and provides a snapshot of its Technical details. Full report is available at the link

Michael Tokovinin
Co-founder, managing partner

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