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Software Advice Сalls amoCRM a FrontRunner

November 16, 2016
FrontRunner Master on Software Advice

Gartner Methodology has analyzed the top performing CRM products, scoring them on value and capability to determine which solutions are the CRM FrontRunners for small businesses today.


CRM FrontRunners is a data-driven assessment of the top 25 to 30 CRM solutions on the market, plotting them across two dimensions: value and capabilities. The capability score is calculated from user satisfaction with capabilities, an assessment of functionality, and predicted investment in the product. Value is determined through user satisfaction with value and product adoption.

The Quadrant Format

Software Advice developed a quadrant format to make interpretation easy, giving a title to each quadrant that reflects a company’s position in the market relative to its peers:
  • Upper Right = Leaders
  • Upper Left = Masters
  • Lower Right = Pacesetters
  • Lower Left = Contenders
FrontRunner Master on Software Advice

amoCRM is pleased to have been awarded a position in the Masters quadrant. According to Software Advice, “Masters have a smaller set of capabilities, but those capabilities are of very high value. Depending on the breadth of the functionality needed, a product positioned in the Masters quadrant might be a better option to consider than a product positioned in the Leaders quadrant.”

That’s us - small, but mighty! If you think we earned our Master FrontRunner title, let’s hear your voice! Leave amoCRM a review here on Software Advice.

Jacqueline Phillips

Marketing Specialist, amoCRM

I'm on a mission to help small teams win more sales!

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