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3 Ways to Beat Customer Churn in 2019
The best time to have a Messenger chatbot for your business is today. How do you build and optimize bot for generating leads? Learn more
3 Ways to Beat Customer Churn in 2019
Customer churn happens to the best of us, but it doesn't have to be an unavoidable part of business. In fact, there are tactics that top performing customer service teams have in place to ensure they keep their churn rates low. Learn more
How Zapier integrations power up messenger-based sales
Modern customers demand control over their purchases, and for a company to survive, it needs to meet them on their terms. This can be achieved via Zapier integrations that can power up your Messenger-Based Sales strategy. Learn more
Are Salesbots Worth The Hype?
You’ve likely heard about salesbots and must have asked yourself if they’re really all they’re cracked up to be. Can you actually use them to save money, improve customer engagement, and drive sales? Let’s walk through it together and see how Salesbots can redefine and improve your sales process. Learn more
How to build a story brand with messengers
It’s not easy to deliver your brand’s message, sometimes there’s a total lack of one. This article will tell you how to make your message clear and how to deliver it properly. Learn more
What is Messenger-Based Sales?
Messenger-Based Sales isn’t only about selling of goods and services via messengers, it runs much deeper than that. Read to find out what MBS is all about and why it is an approach your business cannot ignore. Learn more
How to Benefit from Mindbody and amoCRM Integration
This article describes the benefits of the “Mindbody” integration into amoCRM. Learn how to boost your business in a beauty and wellness industry by implementing Messenger-Based Sales and digital media campaigns. Learn more
Inbound reimagined: selling through messengers
Many prominent brands already understand that messengers are becoming a significant part in almost every person’s daily life. For this reason, they started to be present in the same place as their customers. Chat apps share many ‘inbound’ features. Are messengers becoming the new element of inbound? Learn more
How to boost your sales by automating communications
Business is a big picture made of small details. Written by Lucy Fuggle from our partner PieSync, this amazing article is all about diving into the very essence of automating your business. Give it a read and see if there’s a new trick or two to add to your own business. Learn more
Messengers vs. live chats: what is better for business?
Instant communication with your customers is awesome, but how to do it properly? Read this blog post and learn about the difference between two popular chat tools: messengers and live chats.
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