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How to Benefit from Mindbody and amoCRM Integration
This article describes the benefits of the “Mindbody” integration into amoCRM. Learn how to boost your business in a beauty and wellness industry by implementing Messenger-Based Sales and digital media campaigns. Learn more
Inbound reimagined: selling through messengers
Many prominent brands already understand that messengers are becoming a significant part in almost every person’s daily life. For this reason, they started to be present in the same place as their customers. Chat apps share many ‘inbound’ features. Are messengers becoming the new element of inbound? Learn more
How to boost your sales by automating communications
Business is a big picture made of small details. Written by Lucy Fuggle from our partner PieSync, this amazing article is all about diving into the very essence of automating your business. Give it a read and see if there’s a new trick or two to add to your own business. Learn more
Messengers vs. live chats: what is better for business?
Instant communication with your customers is awesome, but how to do it properly? Read this blog post and learn about the difference between two popular chat tools: messengers and live chats.
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The Messaging Revolution is Here
The rise of messaging isn’t news anymore. Messaging apps usage is increasing. People are sending more messages than ever before. What does this mean for business owners and salespeople? Here are expert insights into the messaging revolution and the solution on how to prepare for the future of sales. Learn more
Top Ways Successful Companies Are Using Messengers
Prominent brands all over the world are already using messaging apps to connect with their customers. Wondering whether your brand can take advantage of chatbots to boost your sales? Wanna launch a messaging app in your company but don't know how? This article is definitely worth a read. Learn more
CRM: An Operating System for Sales
From a step up above spreadsheets to a dynamic software system, CRMs have made a giant leap over a short time to become the centerpiece of sales operations. TechnologyAdvice’s Chanell Alexander discusses this leap and explains why you should invest in the OS for Sales. Learn more
4 Actionable Tips To Reheat Cold Leads
Sometimes you shift your attention to one of your other responsibilities and come back to a cold lead. All the hard work and effort you put into capture and nurture down the drain. Or is it? GetCRM’s Matt Grech doesn’t think so. Read on to find out the 4 methods you can use to resurrect leads that are no longer warm. Learn more
What is a Customer Data Platform?
Ever heard the term CDP and wondered what it meant? It may be just what you’re looking for. Check out this guest post by Amy Cross of NGData to find out what all the buzz is about and why this trendy tool keeps coming up in conversation. Learn more
10 Best Customer Support KPIs Your Business Should Track
According to Reuben Yonatan, you cannot improve the overall customer experience without understanding what you’re doing right and wrong. Read this guest blog post to find out what are the 10 customer support KPIs your business needs to track and why. Learn more
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