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CRM Hacks

Make Calling a Secret Weapon

November 08, 2016
amoCRM and Kixie

How Many Calls Do You Make per Day?

Cold calling may be “dead”, but sales reps are still picking up the phone an average of 46 times per day. After all, calling is important throughout the sales process, from initial contact all the way to relationship maintenance after the deal is won.

Yet many companies still use outdated methods - dialing by hand, maintaining incomplete client directories in various forgotten locations, or relying on a system where call comments are quickly scrawled on sticky notes (or even worse, not written down at all).

amoCRM and Kixie

If this is your current lead management system, you might have a problem.

Why neglect updating such a vital part of your business? Successful companies have made this a competitive advantage, and they tackle calling like any other important business process - with a systematic method aimed at increasing productivity.

amoCRM + Kixie

amoCRM and Kixie have teamed up to transform your sales reps into revenue champions. With this powerful integration, you can focus on building quality relationships and stop wasting time on menial tasks like dialing by hand. amoCRM extracts contact information from email signatures and webforms to automatically create leads, and Kixie lets you dial them with just one click. Then when you finish talking, Kixie automatically adds the call info to the lead’s card in amoCRM, where all of your call recordings and communication logs are displayed in chronological order.

amoCRM and Kixie

You can also set tasks and take notes right the Kixie call window, and they’ll be synced automatically to the lead’s card in amoCRM. With centralized and constantly synced logs, recordings, notes, and tasks, there’s much less less to remember. Instead, you can dedicate that brain power to impressing clients.

Check out this video demo of Kixie and amoCRM in action, and make calling your secret weapon and start your free trial of Kixie now!
Jacqueline Phillips

Marketing Specialist, amoCRM

I'm on a mission to help small teams win more sales!

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