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Convenient Communication BOOST YOUR SALES

It’s essential to be where your customers are, and many of them are on Instagram daily. One of the most popular social platforms for engagement is now integrated with amoCRM. From now on, leads can be created automatically via Instagram. This facilitates communication with customers and makes it more convenient, effective and on-demand.

New Task Features BOOK YOUR

It’s important to have everything in order but staying organized can be a hassle. The latest version of amoCRM makes organizing fun and easy! It introduces an updated "Calendar" section, where you can customize the lead cards the way you want. You can add your own type of tasks, change icons and colors. Now you can set tasks for a specific hour, and see exactly when you’re busy or when you’re available to set up a phone call with your customer.

New User Rights SIMPLER

The user rights have been revamped with new options to give you precise control. Now you’re put in charge to set up various roles. For instance, you can select the “manager” of a specific team, give them only defined access, and save it. What’s more, the level of access to leads can now be modified separately depending on its stage on the pipeline.

Updated Activity Log KEEP TRACK

amoCRM has also improved the activity log. Thanks to the newest update, you can now see all account activities and categorize them according to the selected criteria. In just two clicks, you can filter and save the template to find the data you need faster. Even better, you can also monitor all changes being made to your account.

Real-time Interface BE UP-TO-DATE

We all know the importance of having the latest and most accurate data. For this reason, in the latest version of amoCRM, even more items are updated in real time. If any important changes have been made to your account, you won’t miss them and will only work with up-to-date data. No need to refresh the page — simply open the lead and work with it.

Updated Dashboard GET A FULL OVERVIEW

The dashboard has been improved and is now completely customizable. You can create your widgets based on filters, which you can save and add to your dashboard. Widgets can further be renamed, and items can show up in numbers or charts. Also, users can now set up their personal dashboards and use them day after day.

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